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Chinese demand pushes Brazil beef prices to record high

A significant number of local processors can now export to China

Reuters – Brazil’s famous barbecue is getting more expensive as Chinese demand is increasingly swallowing up the country’s beef supply, pushing Brazilian cattle prices to a record high. China’s hunger for foreign meat has shot up as an outbreak of African swine fever has decimated its domestic pig population and has sent it looking for substitutes. Chinese imports of […] Read more

Lack of rain puts Brazil corn crop at risk

Soy planting delays will mean a very tight window to plant ‘second corn’

Reuters – Delays in Brazil’s soybean planting due to scarce rainfall may affect sowing of the country’s second corn crop, which is planted after the oilseed is harvested and represents about 73 per cent of the South American output. “There is a lot of risk for the (corn) crop,” Antonio Galvan, head of the Mato Grosso state grain growers’ association, […] Read more

China Food Demand Boosts Brazil Growers’ Profits

Brazil growers will reap healthy profits from the 2010-11 grain crop, despite the high cost of getting goods to port, because strong demand from China is supporting prices, consultants MB Associados said. Despite the downward correction in world commodities prices in the past week, futures prices of commodities from grains to iron ore are still […] Read more

Tractors Moving Faster In Brazil With Cheap Loans

Farm machinery sales in Brazil should recover in 2010 from a crisis-driven slump, as producers take advantage of state-subsidized loans to renew equipment or mechanize for the first time. The government of the South American agricultural powerhouse introduced subsidized loans for the purchase of machines like tractors and harvesters in an effort to staunch an […] Read more

Brazil looking northward for wheat

Brazilian flour mills may turn to the United States, Canada or even Russia to import wheat, industry sources said Jan. 26, after Argentina blocked exports to ensure domestic supplies following a poor harvest. Brazil is the top buyer of wheat grown by its southern neighbour. But a source at Argentina’s government farm export office, ONCCA, […] Read more

Credit crisis slaughters Brazil packers’ expansions

“In some cases, slaughterhouses couldn’t support the speed of their expansion, on top of which there may have weighed management problems.” – Marcio Vieira, Pricewaterhouse Coopers The foreign acquisitions, record exports and expansion of slaughtering and processing capacity for beef in the past years is over for Brazilian meat packers. As in many other industries […] Read more

Burdened oil nations seek cheaper Brazil chicken

Major oil-producing countries, which are among the top buyers of Brazil’s chicken, aim to pay less for it from 2009, a Brazilian poultry industry source said on Nov. 6, to cut spending after crude prices halved. Buyers have not cancelled any contracts, said the head of the Brazilian Association of Chicken Producers and Exporters, Francisco […] Read more