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Opinion: Donald Trump pulling Canada into a NAFTA quagmire

Opinion: Donald Trump pulling Canada into a NAFTA quagmire

What’s the point of NAFTA or any of the other ‘free’ trade deals if craziness can simply overwhelm them? Take the most recent and nasty spat, over duties on Bombardier, that go well beyond even what U.S. aerospace manufacturer Boeing was seeking. The U.S. uses NAFTA when it’s convenient and overrides it whenever it chooses,

Opinion: Thinking the unthinkable on NAFTA

The bottom line is, either we stand up and defend our rights or we’ll simply have traded 
one colonial master for another

Everyone who’s ever done business with Donald Trump knows his favourite tactic: don’t negotiate; intimidate. Well, he’s at it again, threatening to pull the plug on NAFTA because Canada and Mexico are being “very difficult.” This broadside is the equivalent of rolling a live grenade into the room when trade talks have only just begun.

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership a good deal for Canada?

The economic logic behind free trade is that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership a bulwark of freedom as proponents claim, or is Canada about to be shoehorned into another free trade deal that will continue the hollowing out of our economy? It depends on your perspective. The TPP, championed by U.S. President Barack Obama as an important addition to the world’s free trade zone