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Build a farm safety plan for spring

Take the time to think ahead to help ensure a safe seeding season

As the start of spring draws closer, for many Canadian producers, thoughts turn to the planting of crops and the hope for a productive and successful farming season begins again. The promise of a new season is an ideal time to do a thorough check of equipment and processes. If you feel you’re running short […] Read more

Best foot forward

Proper footwear selection is an important part of farm safety

We all wear footwear, but how many of us wear the right type for different tasks? On the farm, there are many everyday tasks that could result in injuries to feet or ankles if the proper footwear is not used. Footwear is a key aspect of injury prevention, which is why it’s important to wear […] Read more

Safety first for farm visitors

It may take a little time to develop but a basic orientation for visitors is important and protects you

On farms across the country, there’s no shortage of visitors coming and going throughout the year. Visiting a farm isn’t without risk. Any time people are in a situation where they could be in contact with animals, farm equipment, or other hazards like water, there is potential for injury. While many farm operations are accustomed […] Read more