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Don’t gamble on grain marketing

Don’t gamble on grain marketing

Don’t play with risk, manage it for the good of your business

Don’t be a gambler when it comes to marketing your grain, Brennan Turner, FarmLead president and CEO, urged farmers at this year’s CropConnect. “It seems like most farmers view their grain as casino chips and they don’t have too much rhyme or reason on which number on the roulette wheel that they place those chips

Cysts (the large white growths) on the roots of a soybean plant.

Manitoba poised to meet advancing soybean cyst nematode

The pest’s arrival is imminent if it hasn’t happened already

A microscopic parasitic roundworm that’s the top soybean yield robber in the U.S. is already present on the Manitoba-North Dakota border and the province is readying for its imminent arrival. Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is often cited for causing approximately US$1 billion in U.S. soy production losses every year, and it’s that kind of devastation

Market analyst Mike Krueger says he’s not expecting global bumper crops again this year.

Crop production could take hit in 2017

Dry and cold weather in Europe and flooding in Latin America are setting the stage for trouble

Don’t expect a fifth consecutive year of record world crops in 2017. That’s according to The Money Farm’s Mike Krueger, who adds that world demand has been keeping pace with massive production. “High prices didn’t kill demand at all, but high prices did bring us a lot more acres,” he said at the recent CropConnect

Soybeans are proving very popular with growers, but they’re still at risk for frost.

Soybeans poised to beat out wheat, barley

Planting estimates for soybeans are running around two million acres for the coming season

It’ll take quite a lot to convince Manitoba farmers to hold off on expanding soybean acres in favour of growing more wheat and barley for milling and malt channels. Farmers packed a hall at the 2017 CropConnect conference to hear a soybean presentation, and there’s no doubt provincial growers are more gung-ho than ever to

Manitoba Oat Growers’ Association celebrates success and solvency

Manitoba Oat Growers’ Association celebrates success and solvency

The books are in the black and Mexican oat consumption is growing fast, annual meeting told

The Manitoba Oat Growers’ Association is in good financial shape and the industry is targeting more sales to a growing Mexican market. That was the word from the group’s latest annual general meeting last week, in conjunction with the CropConnect event. For the year ended July 31, 2016, MOGA revenue over expenses hit $19,013, a