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Cotton Case Affects Other Trade

Brazil revealed on March 15 a preliminary list of U. S. patents and intellectual property rights it could restrict unless both countries settle a long-standing dispute over U. S. cotton aid. It is the second set of measures Brazil has unveiled in a week to pressure Washington to obey a ruling by the World Trade

Talks Begin To Resolve U. S.-Brazil Dispute

U. S. and Brazilian officials have begun talks to try to settle a trade dispute at the World Trade Organization over U. S. cotton subsidies, the U. S. ambassador to Brazil said Feb. 3. The South American agriculture giant was expected to present a definitive list of U. S. targets for retaliation in coming days.

Brazil On Target In Slowing Amazon Deforestation

“Our objective is not only to meet but exceed the target in our climate change plan.” – CARLOS MINC, ENVIRONMENT MINISTER Brazil is on track to meet its target to reduce Amazon deforestation this year and will cut credit to ranchers and meat packers who raise or buy cattle from illegally logged land, the environment

Brazil’s Amazon plan sounds bold, but doubts abound

“Ten years is a long time out there and a lot of deforestation will have occurred by then.” – TOM LOVEJOY, HEINZ CENTER FOR SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT With its bold pledge to halve the rate of Amazon deforestation, Brazil wants to boost its international environmental credentials. But it may lack the conviction and resources