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EU Gets Tough On Dirty Biofuel, Pledges More Action

Europe’s energy chief announced seven green certification schemes for biofuels last month and promised to tackle the unwanted side-effects of turning food into fuel. Guenther Oettinger said biofuels’ indirect impacts were dangerous for the planet’s carbon balance and food supply. “It is a real concern … particularly in the big producing countries, Southeast Asia and

Biofuel Worse For Climate Than Fossil Fuel: Study

European plans to promote biofuels will drive farmers to convert 69,000 square km of wild land into fields and plantations, depriving the poor of food and accelerating climate change, a report by green groups warned. That estimated area equals the size of the Republic of Ireland. As a result, the extra biofuels that Europe will

Biofuels From Deforested Land To Fail EU Standards

Palm oil grown on recently deforested land is unlikely to be acceptable for use in European biodiesel, a draft report from the European Commission shows. The environmental standards add to a growing list of challenges for Asia’s palm industry, including Indonesia’s $1-billion climate deal with Norway last month and consumer worries about deforestation. The European

EU Report Reveals Damage From Biodiesel

Biofuels such as biodiesel from soybeans can create up to four times more climate-warming emissions than standard diesel or petrol, according to an EU document released under freedom of information laws. The European Union has set itself a goal of obtaining 10 per cent of its road fuels from renewable sources, mostly biofuels, by the

Farmers Worry Bee Crisis Has Been Ignored Too Long

“If cattle were producing 30 per cent less milk each year, it would not be acceptable. But that is what we have had to put up with.” Europe’s beekeeping industry could be wiped out in less than a decade as bees fall victim to disease, insecticides and intensive farming, international beekeeping body Apimondia has warned.