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Rapeseed crop may not be as big as first thought in W.Europe

London/Reuters — Rapeseed production in Western Europe looks set to increase this season but early promise may not be fully realized, crop analysts said on Wednesday. Crops were sown in favourable conditions, enjoyed a safe passage through winter and had healthy growth in the spring but yields have failed to meet expectations in both north-east

Rapeseed thrives in Germany but French yields fall

The outlook for rapeseed crops in Germany continues to improve, but prospects for crops elsewhere in western Europe are less promising with some low initial yields reported in France and production in Britain set to fall sharply. The rapeseed harvest in Germany, which is set to overtake France this year as the European Union’s top

EU takes step back from market-driven farming

Reforms agreed by European Union negotiators on Wednesday offer subsidies to keep farms producing in regions where conditions are hard, going against the bloc’s shift towards relying on market forces in agriculture. Since 1992, the EU has been altering its common agricultural policy (CAP) to encourage farmers to grow crops in response to market prices,

U.S.-Japan wheat trade set to resume

The discovery of unapproved genetically modified (GM) wheat in Oregon is unlikely to hit long-term U.S. wheat sales to Japan and could spark debate about whether importers should tolerate very low levels of “foreign material,” industry sources said on Tuesday. News of the unapproved wheat growing in Oregon, reported on May 29, prompted Tokyo to

Deregulation sparks rise in grain container trade

Deregulation of grain trading in Australia has led to an explosion in shipments in containers rather than bulk — a trend that may be repeated in Canada, although on a less spectacular scale, industry sources said on Tuesday. Australia, where grain markets were deregulated in 2008, now ships around two million to 2.5 million tonnes

EU pesticide ban may curb rapeseed production

Rapeseed production is likely to fall in the European Union, top grower of the oilseed, from the 2015 harvest after the bloc voted to protect bees by banning three of the most widely used pesticides. The EU has decided to restrict from Dec. 1 the use of a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, which

Spring seeding well underway in Europe

Reuters / Spring seeding is in full flow in western Europe with a sharp rise in area expected in Britain after wet weather wrecked autumn plantings, but a significant drop is anticipated in Germany due to much more favourable conditions. In France, the EU’s top grain producer, conditions were generally satisfactory, with mild, dry weather