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A Lifetime Of Memories

Camp season is fast approaching and parents may be making preparations for their children to attend. That’s a good thing. For several summers, almost 60 years ago, I attended a summer camp on the shores of Lake Winnipeg and the memories are with me still. I remember getting there. There would be a rallying place

Barn Filled With Memories

Our farm was homesteaded in 1905 and about 1913, the farmer built the barn shown in the picture, which still stands and is in use today. It is 26 feet wide and 50 feet long and is supported by four rows of 6×6 posts which have simply been dug into the ground. The farm was

The backyard rink — where it all started

Recently I read a hockey book in which backyard rinks featured quite prominently. Some had clearly defined boards and one even had an artificial ice-making unit! In contrast to this, the ones I made when our children were young were clearly unsophisticated, if not downright primitive. I would first determine the area of the yard