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A Western blot analysis, used to detect specific proteins in tissue samples, is used to confirm BSE in cattle. (Peggy Greb photo courtesy ARS/USDA)

China’s buyers expect Brazil’s beef back soon despite BSE cases

Beijing | Reuters — Chinese beef importers said Monday the suspension of exports by top supplier Brazil due to two cases of BSE has had no immediate market impact, with some still making purchases in anticipation of a quick resumption of trade. Brazil said on Saturday it had confirmed two cases of ‘atypical’ bovine spongiform

Brazil’s beef packers halt production as cattle prices soar

Brazil’s beef packers halt production as cattle prices soar

Reuters – Brazilian beef packers are halting production in selected locations, as a rise in costs that cannot be passed through to consumer prices have squeezed their margins, sources and industry representatives told Reuters. Multiple small, medium and large production facilities have gone through stoppages or remain idle as they adjust supply to demand, said


JBS profit bolstered by weak currency, strong Chinese and U.S. markets

China became third largest beef export market for JBS Canada, company says

Sao Paulo | Reuters — Meat processor JBS SA’s fourth-quarter profit rose 65 per cent from a year earlier, boosted by strong food sales in China and the U.S. and a sharp devaluation of Brazil’s real currency, the company said in a securities filing on Wednesday. For full-year 2020 its profit was 4.6 billion reais,