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Educational systems for 2050 — lessons from history

An essay from Moving Toward Prairie Agriculture 2050 an assessment of 
Prairie agriculture’s readiness for climate change

“Education is what survives when what was learned has been forgotten.” (B.F. Skinner 1964, New Scientist, 21 May) “(Education) has produced a vast population able to read, but unable to distinguish what is worth reading, an easy prey to sensations and cheap appeals.” (G.M. Trevelyan 1942, in English Social History) Taken together, these quotes are

Canada’s role in meeting humanity’s biggest challenge

In 40 years’ time the world will need to have increased global food production and supply by 100 per cent to provide adequate nutrition for its nine billion or more inhabitants. This implies an annual growth in agricultural productivity of 2.5 per cent, from the same or less land. Over the past three decades, despite