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Odds slim to none that global warming natural

It doesn’t matter how you cut the numbers, 
human activity is behind it

An analysis of temperature data since 1500 all but rules out the possibility that global warming in the industrial era is just a natural fluctuation in the Earth’s climate, according to a new study by McGill University physics professor, Shaun Lovejoy. The study, published online April 6 in the journal Climate Dynamics, represents a new

Dietary shifts driving up phosphorus use

Rising meat consumption, and calorie intakes are 
complicating efforts to conserve essential resource

Dietary changes since the early 1960s have fuelled a sharp increase in the amount of mined phosphorus used to produce the food consumed by the average person over the course of a year, according to a new study led by researchers at McGill University. Between 1961 and 2007, rising meat consumption and total calorie intake

Joint study sheds light on debate over organic versus conventional agriculture

Researchers at McGill and the University of Minnesota are calling for combining best of both approaches

Can organic agriculture feed the world? Although organic techniques may not be able to do the job alone, they do have an important role to play in feeding a growing global population while minimizing environmental damage, according to researchers at McGill University and the University of Minnesota. A new study published in Nature concludes that

Avoid Purchasing Lottery Tickets For Minors

This holiday season, some well-meaning family members may consider buying lottery tickets and scratch cards as affordable, colourful and potentially promising gift options for the children and teens on their list. McGill University researchers, the National Council on Problem Gambling and some Canadian and U.S. lotteries are working together to ask families to reconsider purchasing