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EU Reforms Needed To Keep Young Farmers On The Land

Tracts of countryside in Spain are likely to turn into desert or waste dumps unless the European Union provides enough support to young farmers to stop them from leaving the land for the city. Measures to support young farmers will be part of draft proposals due on Oct. 12 for overhauling the bloc s controversial

EU Grain Farmers Brace For Life Without Safety Net

European grain farmers can expect volatile prices after Brussels partially removes a safety net in May, and cannot readily switch to other crops and will have to deal with market forces as best they can. As part of a drive towards a free market, from May 31 the European Union will suspend automatic “intervention,” the

UN warns food output could fall, prices rise

“While arguments for supporting small farms are sometimes dismissed as based on a romantic attachment of peasant agriculture, the evidence shows that with the right policy framework, small farming can be a viable route out of poverty.” – CHATHAM HOUSE REPORT A recent drop in food prices could discourage farmers from sowing crops and cut