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Fruits of our labour

Gardening can be a rewarding experience. First we till, preparing the seedbed. We carefully plan, sow the seed and mark the rows. We expect our vegetables to grow where we have planted them. Some years the rain and sunshine come in just the right amounts. When we get too much rain or not enough, it

Return Of The Blackbirds

Freelance contributor As I gathered up the garden hose last spring, I realized there were birds around lots of birds. I listened to a conversation in the treetops just west of the yard. Blackbirds may be a songbird but what I was hearing sounded more like a meeting, and they were taking turns verbalizing. The

Maybe Next Year

When we moved to our farm years ago on that cold January day, my husband and I had dreams and plans for the coming of spring. As soon as the soil could be worked, we imagined ourselves planting large vegetable, fruit and flower gardens. The whole east side of our front yard was already worked