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Reliving the past — providing for the future

How can a simple photograph possibly express all the feelings and emotions of the priceless memories it holds for me? Snapped on a spring day many years ago, it shows me standing under an apple tree in front of my husband’s parent’s home holding our three-month, firstborn daughter. Well it does, as I hold it,

Small Wayside Treasures

We never missed our house once my husband and I had downsized and settled into our seniors condominium three years ago. When leaf raking or snow shovelling time comes around, we sit back smugly and smile. Them were the days& ! But summertime is a different story, and this past summer was no exception. Seeing

Give The Gift Of Time

Why is it that we equate Christmas gift giving with spending a lot of money? Time is a person’s most valuable possession and the gift of our time is the most precious gift of all. That is especially true today, given the fast pace of our lifestyle. Are finances keeping you from experiencing the joy

Get In The Spirit By Baking

Nothing will put one in the Christmas spirit quite like the sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven, permeating every corner of the house. A German Honey Spice cookie recipe is a favourite part and tradition of our family’s celebration, and is a legacy from my mother-in-law that I have passed on to my

When life throws you a lemon

One of the benefits of convalescing is that one has time to read, and I read a very inspiring article that gave wise counsel on what to do when life throws you a lemon. The family in the article had a tradition of having a weekly night at home when every member was present. They

Urban “country delights”

Looking at a large garden plot of flowers and vegetables right outside my kitchen window? Deer grazing on a lush green lawn and even visiting our bird feeder that we brought along when we moved recently? Enjoying country flavour living in the city? We never expected that! Yes, we finally took that inevitable step that