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Practising good hygiene will help slow the spread of disease.

Best practices for on-farm sanitation

COVID-19: Farm safety program has issued guidelines for farmers

The Keystone Agricultural Producers and the Manitoba Farm Safety Program have issued a list of ‘best practices’ for Manitoba farmers to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19-affected spring season. The recommendations include familiarizing yourself with the current recommendations from the province regarding safe social distancing and limiting your and your family’s social interaction with

Create safe play areas on your farm

Especially during harvest, there is equipment moving around the farm constantly. Children may perceive the farm as a gigantic playground if they are not given clear rules to follow about safe play areas. Clarity and consistency are key. Little ones do not always recognize or understand dangers even if they have been explained before, and

Sitting long hours in the tractor can cause lower back pain.

Farmers need to keep in shape

Sitting long hours in the tractor cab is hard on 
the body so here’s some tips to help prevent injury

Paul Gregory, 60, is a farmer and president of Interlake Forage Seeds Ltd. in Fisher Branch, Manitoba. He is also an avid skier and running marathoner who believes one must condition their body for farming just like for sport. “Lower back pain is a part of long days in the cab of a tractor or