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China’s “Feed King” calls for opening corn trade

beijing / reuters / China should fully liberalize its corn trade, according to the founder of the country’s largest private agricultural business. China currently maintains a quota system over grains imports in an attempt to grow almost all of its grains domestically. But as meat consumption rises, feed companies are increasingly chafing against the restrictions.

China imports dairy cows

China is importing more dairy cows to try and beef up its transition to larger-scale farms, as the industry attempts to boost production and quality following a deadly scandal. China plans to nearly double milk production to 64 million tonnes by 2020, as part of a long-term plan by the Ministry of Agriculture to improve

China Introduces New Food Safety Law

China said March 2 that food security remains “grim” after a series of health scandals, the most recent being last year’s tainted milk formula that killed at least six toddlers and made almost 300,000 sick. A new food safety law, approved Feb. 28 in an accelerated process after the milk scandal came to light in