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Balmoral Man Carves Works Of Art

Having to use a cane for support can sometimes be viewed as a sign of fragility, but in the herding dog trial world, the prize of a cane is viewed as a badge of accomplishment. Here in Manitoba we are blessed with a very talented carver of horn canes – Graeme MacKendrick of Balmoral, Manitoba.

There Is A Lamb In My Kitchen

Ewes have calls that are as individual as mothers calling their children by name in the playground. It is not unusual for any shepherd with a large number of sheep to have a lamb in a box to be fed. We have many different ways of ensuring a lamb has a mother and is out

Pre-marketing preparation pays off

Recent Sheep and Goat Market Reports come off as somewhat negative and scary for many producers. I would like to address these reports and the many phone calls I have received from other producers worried about their impending fate. The first article (Page 11, Nov. 27) titled “Beginning of the end for some goat producers?”

Livestock guardian dogs are valuable employees

LGDs are just like children and go through all the same stages. David Brennan with Alberta Agriculture Predator Management control offered some useful insights into reducing lamb losses due to coyotes in the Nov. 20 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator. However, although Brennan described the coyote’s hunting style, he did not include that a coyote