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What Is A 100-Year Flood?

In the past 40 years, nearly all of those living in the Red River Valley have had them – 100-year floods, that is. And some have experienced flood levels considerably beyond this. The 1969 spring flood at Crookston, Minn. was just slightly less than a 100-year flood. The 1997 flood at Grand Forks, Pembina and

Are we overlooking the land?

The land played a central role in his family, whose stories praised the land and the gifts it provided. One thing we have here in the Red River basin is land: vast areas of cultivated fields. Seeming to be punctuated by fewer and fewer farmsteads or shelter belts, the fields themselves look larger each year.

Who minds the Red’s flow in drought years?

Recent rains here in the Red River Basin have had many of us worrying about getting crops off the fields, and certainly not about drought. But history in the basin promises us that drought, to some degree or another, will indeed be part of our experience here. Are we prepared for it? According to a