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Grasses in the landscape

Grasses are invaluable in a wide diversity of designs for the garden landscape, putting on an extended winter show of various-shaped blades, once vibrant with many summer colours. Now is an ideal time to plan garden and landscaping ideas. I use graft paper to design how the garden could look in reality, as it’s much

Try These Annuals

What could be more satisfying than a flourishing sunny garden? However, not all plants enjoy full-sun locations and many prefer cool, shady areas. If you’re planning to grow a sunny garden, examine the conditions your plants will be growing in. Is the garden exposed to full sun most of the day, or will the plants

Never Too Early To Think Gardening

Early-spring bedding plants can be successfully grown indoors by using artificial light sources. The initial decisions of choosing lights and temperature may appear complicated but don’t be discouraged. After selecting a few basic lights, the remaining steps develop into an enjoyable “learn-as-you-go” experience, similar to most garden ventures. Artificial lighting comes in a mixture of

Hardy Grapes Perfect For The Prairies

A Prairie gardener’s dream may be to grow grapes to the same perfection as those grown in milder climates. Although overwintering the larger, seedless, table varieties on the Prairies is still a bit uncertain due to our colder growing zone, we can still raise a wide selection of hardy grapes that rivals any other for

Try Something New Next Year

Growing new and different vegetables in the garden is not only a challenging hobby, but also helps to add interest and appreciation for meals. This year I had selected several to try. Caraflex Cabbage from Veseys Seeds caught my eye with its atypical shape ending in a high point, similar to the popular shape of

A Final Blast Of Autumn Colour – for Sep. 16, 2010

Wow! – the word used in seed catalogues to describe the display put on by the showy Rudbeckia for impressive scenes in the garden, and for cut arrangements. Start annual Rudbeckias, or gloriosa daisies, from seed next year to bloom continuously throughout the summer and well into fall. Similar to the native Prairie Rudbeckias, they

Try Growing A “Salad Bowl” Garden

While the snow and wind raged outside the greenhouse in early March, I made plans to exchange some shelf space in my hobby greenhouse for a few small gardens; yet still leave ample shelf room to raise bedding plants. My idea was to have early produce for the table as well as the fun of

Why Not Grow ’Em Big?

Most bedding plants fall into the group of short to medium in height. Taller varieties are frequently overlooked due to the idea that they should be positioned only near the back of the garden. However, as well as providing traditional backdrops, screens and hedge-like looks, with careful planning, more stately species can be used amid

When The Sap Starts Running — It’s Spring

You’ll know if you have a good tree as the sap will start flowing the moment you draw out the bit. How can we identify when spring has actually arrived? Perhaps it’s when the snow disappears and we begin sporting sandals and shorts instead of the heavy winter snowboots. Not for me. It arrives on