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Hog Barn Timbers Rise Again In Clearwater

“He took a hog barn, and turned it into something that would look good anywhere in the province of Manitoba.” – DAVID GUILFORD “If we can raise a barn together, why can’t we deconstruct a barn together? I think we still don’t recognize the value of old buildings.” – LANCELOT COAR The community-owned restaurant in

New Life For Old Trees

A couple near Killarney has been busy using the past to make a future for their family. Don and Linda Chatham, who own and run Chatham Seed Cleaning, have been sawing, peeling and scraping logs for three years with their two children Cody, 15, and Nicole, 13, to make a new home in the country.

Lions Eye Bank Of Manitoba And Northwest Ontario

There are currently 115 people in the region waiting anxiously for transplants. – LAURIE HOWELLS It’s a discussion that always takes place at a terrible time, so a Winnipeg nurse wants families in both city and country to talk about it now. The topic is actually a wonderful one – giving sight to people –

Bigger bins at Killarney’s Paterson Grain

While the rest of the country roils in recession, a Killarney elevator is set to triple its grain-handling capacity. Construction will be completed soon on a series of four new steel bins adjoining the existing large four-section white silo at Paterson Grain. “We had more producers than we could handle,” said Larry Shackel, general manager

Yellow ribbons for Soldier Bears

This is a good program, and we see the good effect right away, and see the smiles on their faces. Inspired by hundreds of yellow ribbons tied to the trees outside Canadian Forces Base Shilo last summer, ex-army brat Ann Morton, 68, decided to do something for the families of servicemen and women overseas. Morton,

Forages can help an organic transition

Seeking advice, maintaining a never-ending thirst for knowledge, and dealing with Mother Nature are all key to success as an organic farmer. These were some of the tips that Marc Boulanger offered during this year’s Manitoba Grazing School held in Brandon Nov. 25 and 26, when he hosted an entertaining workshop on “Transitioning to Organics.”

Beefing up your bale grazing

“I would rather moderately fertilize 40 acres than highly fertilize four acres.” – LORNE KLEIN Not every cattle producer has been successful with bale grazing, and an expert in the field was on hand at the recent Manitoba Grazing School to tell livestock producers why. Lorne Klein, who was raised on a mixed farm at

Coaxing cows to eat weeds

It was a photograph of a cow eating a dead rabbit that inspired land management specialist Kathy Voth to consider new possibilities for controlling invasive weeds. Voth, who started out her career in “land management” 11 years ago using brush-eating goats as a fire-prevention tool, turned her attention to cows in 2004. During the Manitoba

New Manitoba food product served up

One unexpected offer that came up at this year’s Manitoba Grazing School was the chance to taste a new beef sausage. Not listed on the 2008 agenda, the Saskatoon Breakfast Sausage nonetheless made an appearance Nov. 25 when plates of the fresh-cooked i tem were pas sed around to the hundreds of participants during lunch