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Production Winds Down At Killarney Site

“They’re going to sit empty for a while.” – MARVIN MAGWOOD Two sow barns owned by Manitoba Pork Marketing Co-op Inc. will close at the end of March after Hytek Ltd. opted not to renew its lease. Around 2,500 top breeding sows are being relocated to a new home in the eleventh hour, while the

Who Sheared The Sheriff?

After 50 years of cutting hair, barber Ken Comba recently found himself applying his shears to the locks of a local “sheriff,” planted in a barber’s chair that was easily 100 years old. Comba, who normally works from home in Killarney as a professional barber, was recruited for an afternoon in January to cut the

Birdhouses And Potato Bins

A retired Ninette carpenter, who just can’t keep out of the workshop, is enjoying a boom in potato bin sales. Fritz Clisby, 85 years old, is famous in the small town of Ninette for his fabulous marten houses. Each summer, samples of his vividly painted birdhouses, small furniture, chairs for children, and other woodwork are

Growing Corn And Pea Greens

It may be January, with a windchill of -30 outside – but inside the peas and corn are thriving. This is because they are for eating as young shoots, when the tender plants reach a height of just one or two inches. I had wondered what to do with several pounds of decorative Indian corn

Killarney Slaughterhouse Reopening For Business

Nearly a year after fire seriously damaged Killarney’s government-licensed abattoir and closed it down, the facility is once again preparing to open for business. Killarney Meats, which previously operated under the ownership of butcher Brian Bernard, was sold a few months after a late-night fire erupted in the slaughterhouse coffee room during a frigid January

A Time For Tea

Susan Lamont has never been able to pass a tea shop without venturing in. And when her own tea cupboard at home began to overflow with the leafy stuff that she loves, she decided to turn it into a business. “I have always gone into tea shops,” said Lamont, who launched ‘Tea Buds and Blossoms,’

Friday Night Fever

There’s not a lot of floor space, so the packed dancers have to be pretty nimble on their feet. And they are – because most of them have been doing their moves since the 1950s. “We have the best dance floor in the province,” says Charlie Baldock, a member of the Holmfield Town and Country

Uncertain Future For Killarney Hog Barns

“The problem is that everybody in the industry is in the same boat.” – MARV MAGWOOD, HYTEK Thirty farrow-to-nursery hog barn employees near Killarney could lose their jobs when Hytek gives up its lease on two barns producing 180,000 weanlings annually early next year. “It’s a possibility we could lose our jobs. You can’t keep

Crop circle of friends

Agroup of farmers in the Killarney area has found that friendship and crop tours can boost their productivity. The Killarney Marketing Club, which has been meeting regularly for 18 years to share breakfast and each other’s company, got together June 6 for its Annual Crop Tour and Golf Day. This year there were approximately 50