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Opinion: Price no reliable indicator

Without independent audits there’s no way to tell what grain sells for

Allan Dawson’s response to my article about grain movement (Putting a price tag on the grain backlog, Manitoba Co-operator, April 12) was provocative. In it he contends the price and basis doesn’t reflect the issue and trucking prevents farmers from being captive sellers. While I agree that price is important, and with Prof. Richard Gray’s

Bill C-49: Helping the railways farm the farmers

This legislation is flawed and will deregulate railways by stealth

Here we go again! Some Prairie farmers cannot ship their grain. Grain companies and their friends are blaming the railways for not getting the grain to port. After months of railway lobbying, the federal government is pushing new transportation legislation, claiming Bill C-49 will punish the railways for neglecting grain shipments. Yet this legislation effectively

Commodities Lend Themselves To Single-Desk Selling

You have to admire politicians who set aside long-held beliefs when they are confronted with the reality of how the world works. Reality sets in once they arrive in government and are responsible to more than just their supporters. Good examples are former Alberta Conservative premier Peter Lougheed and Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall. Both were