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Non-GMO verification frequently illegal and nonsensical

I’ve been in the marketing end of agriculture for the past 25 years and have done a lot of work on branding, including developing logos. Logos have a great deal of power. There’s one which infuriates me becoming more prevalent — that of the Non-GMO Project. According to their website, “The Non-GMO Project is a

Ken Kamiya outlining papaya

The dark side of agriculture in Hawaii

GM variety has helped protect papaya against a deadly virus, but some growers have found their crop vandalized

Hawaii — the name conjures up thoughts of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, fresh exotic fruits, flowers. However, there is a much darker side that most tourists are unaware of — an atmosphere of distrust, vandalism, legal wars, massive security, heartbreak and so much more. All of this due to genetically modified (GM) crops. With a 12-month