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India is the wild card in global wheat production and consumption

Some estimates are calling for an increase of 15 per cent, to 100 million tonnes for the looming harvest

India will be the first major wheat-growing country to harvest the 2017-18 crop, and most of its wheat will be cut by the time the U.S. Department of Agriculture rolls out its first production estimate in May. Despite the early glimpse this should provide to the wheat market, the Indian government’s data could actually downplay […] Read more

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Soybean bulls may not find a friend in U.S. crush

The numbers suggest crushers are beginning to oversupply the meal market

The United States has crushed an unprecedented amount of soybeans since the harvest began last fall, but there have not been as many buyers as processors had hoped for, and this could end up burdensome on domestic soybean supply. Data released by the National Oilseed Processors Association Feb. 15 showed that its members crushed 160.621 […] Read more

Huge U.S. corn exports face hurdles: Braun

Record-high stockpiles and looming record crops from rivals are causing headwinds for the crop

The United States appears well on its way to exporting the largest volume of corn in nine years, but there will be some hurdles to overcome in order to meet the full expectation for the season. The United States is the world’s No. 1 source for corn and while not the primary form of domestic […] Read more

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Dry spell in Argentina may spoil buzz for soybean bulls: Braun

Switch away from wet cycle could set the stage for a significant recovery in the crop’s prospects

Soybean bulls have been excited over the excessive rains across Argentina’s Soybean Belt in recent weeks, but an expected flip to dry weather might wither their enthusiasm. It’s been wet in the core soybean region in Argentina – the global leader in soy product exports. Most areas picked up between one and two inches (25 […] Read more

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U.S. soybeans may be headed for 90 million acres in 2017: Braun

The soybean-to-corn futures pricing ratio is far higher than it usually is at this time of year

It is almost certain that U.S. farmers will plant more soybeans in 2017 than ever before, but profitability indicators in the futures market give good reason to believe that this acreage could push much higher than what we have been prepared for. In its annual long-term projections published late last month, the U.S. Department of […] Read more

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Brazil’s export lull sets stage for record soybean shipments: Braun

The current lull in shipments is exactly that, rather than a withdrawal from the market

If there is a silver lining to Brazil’s recent shortcomings in grain exports, the country is now more prepared than ever to pump out big volumes in 2017, perhaps to the dismay of its competitors. Brazil is the No. 1 and No. 2 shipper of soybeans and corn, respectively, but earlier this year, the drought-stricken […] Read more

soybeans and soybean pods

Soybean yields may be major thorn in bulls’ sides: Braun

All signs are pointing to a bin-busting U.S. soybean crop that could upend markets

Expectations surrounding the U.S. soybean crop keep growing. Not only is a reality check in order — in terms of whether such big yields are even possible — but the impact on domestic stocks may be of greater interest. Analysts were expecting soybean yields to rise to 51.5 bushels per acre in the U.S. Department […] Read more

U.S. wheat shippers putting lousy 2015-16 behind them: Braun

American wheat sales are rebounding after abundant low-cost supplies hit them hard last season

Although it has been dogged by a lot of doom and gloom of late, the U.S. wheat market may be finally starting to see a break in the clouds. Last season, it seemed that the United States just could not sell any wheat, and without the sales, domestic wheat stocks ballooned to the largest volume […] Read more