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U.S. farmers, ranchers out $100 million

U.S. farmers and ranchers who had accounts with failed broker MF Global have got back the bulk of their money, but are still owed about $100 million. The $100 million is believed to be part of MF Global customers’ $1.2 billion in funds that remain missing after the chaotic flame-out of the broker. Thousands of

CBOT Says It Is Still The Global Benchmark

Chicago Board of Trade, the world’s largest grain exchange, has no fear of its wheat contract being challenged as the global benchmark for prices by an upstart from Australia, a senior official told Reuters. Australia’s stock exchange operator, ASX Ltd., plans for its Hard wheat export futures contract to begin trading in May, opening up

U. S. Dairy Group To Trim Herd

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U. S. Ethanol Sector Faces Grim Prospects

Hard times have hit the once-robust U. S. ethanol sector amid the economic recession, with as much as 15 per cent of production capacity likely standing idle, USDA chief economist Joseph Glauber said Feb. 25. It was a sobering assessment of the fledging industry that was once bursting with optimism and financial gains as the

How low can U. S. grains go?

“We are seeing a lot of wealth destruction and demand destruction. I don’t think that is going to heal itself overnight.” – U. S. Grains Analyst Jim Bower The sell-off in grains as part of a broader flight of investment money from commodities could continue through year’s end due to the expanding credit crisis, with