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The grain market needs a dose of ‘good cholesterol’

More regulation is not the solution to improving grain transportation

Just as there is both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there are both good and bad regulations. The CWB single desk was an example of a bad regulation — it clogged the arteries of western Canadian grain commerce by burdening farmers with high costs and no evidence of premium prices. Markets are efficient and effective

It’s Time To Move On

Allen Oberg, chairman of the Canadian Wheat Board, spoke about the future of the CWB at the Western Canadian Farm Progress Show in Regina recently. While reading and listening to his presentation online, I was struck with just how much this debate is now focused on the plight of the reformed CWB, and not about

CWB Director Has His Facts Wrong

In the Jan. 6 issueManitoba Co-operator,Canadian Wheat Board-elected director Bill Woods takes aim at the railways for what he calls “slick accounting.” Unfortunately, Woods has his facts wrong, which makes his whole argument meaningless. The annual review of regulated rail rates and charges showed that the revenue of CN and CP came in under the