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This small outbuilding near Gilbert Plains is a designated heritage site, as one of the few beef ring buildings still standing in Manitoba.

Beef rings speak volumes of local history

These early informal co-operatives kept beef on the table in the warm summer months before refrigeration

The recorded history of the settling of Western Canada is a sketchy affair. I am not referring to history as we ordinarily think of it, such as treaties, battles, or political decisions, but rather the histories of families, communities, and the evolution of a society largely cast upon their own devices in what was a

Wanted: A Close Shave That Isn’t A Ripoff

Excessive greed creates opportunity. If a collapsing economy caused mainly by unbridled greed is not enough of a wake-up call, a trip down the grocery store aisle will do the trick. It seems perverse that even as the buying power of society in general is weakened, the cost of food is soaring. But like many

How the West can be wooed

“…being poor is not a watertight compartment. The relatively well off this year may be next year’s poor.” Michael Ignatieff, the newly minted leader of the Liberal party, is on record as wanting to re-establish a political presence in the form of elected members from Western Canada. He seems to want to do this through

CWB vote may be farmers’ most democratic option

Since the CWB is a creature of the Liberal party, in Stephen Harper’s world, it must be destroyed. It has nothing to do with freedom of choice. With a stronger minority Stephen Harper promised in his victory speech to carry out his commitments. One of those is the destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board. He