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Grandma’s Kitchen

Warm and inviting With the sun streaming through lace curtains Tiny rose-pink flowers on garlands of green vines and leaves adorn the walls Aromas enticing those who cross the threshold A pot of chicken stew bubbling on the stove Loaves of freshly baked bread on the table Waiting for the evening meal With family members

Lighting Up The Past

Keeping the globe clean was important so that the light was bright enough. When my daughter-in-law took the old coal oil lantern from the shed where it had been stored since 1952, it brought back many memories. The lantern was much like the one my parents had on the farm when I was a child.

Canadian Pioneers

Leaving your homeland You journeyed Bravely crossing the ocean Looking for a better life You came To a land of bush and harsh climate To back-breaking work of clearing the land and settling On ten-dollar homesteads. Every task to be done by hand With saw and axe you carved a place in the wilderness Hewing

Just One More Time

He was a man of few words who spoke with a quiet confidence. Father’s Day will be here soon – a time to reflect and remember my dad. He was a man of few words who spoke with a quiet confidence. Rare times he told stories that have become family favourites, that we now tell.

Our Top Dogs

He appeared one evening at the gate to our farmyard. An incredibly skinny, rough-coated black dog, wagging his tail and begging for a home. We did not need another dog. We already owned five, and all had arrived the same way. But he was hungry, and how does one ignore that? He was soon fed,

Late-Winter Anticipation

By March I eagerly look forward to spring and summer. Certain activities make me excited about these seasons, evoking the best feelings on earth for me. They are: Opening the windows that have been shut all winter. Breathing in the fresh country air. Tilling the garden and being in touch with the soil again. Thankful

Crochet a Christmas bookmark

Here is a simple bookmark you can make for a Christmas gift. It can be completed in an evening. You can also use in place of a bow on a wrapped gift. Materials: White bedspread-weight crochet cotton Size 1.75 mm (4) crochet hook Red and green embroidery cotton Darning needle Directions: Vertical Bar: Using white


My dad served overseas for five years in the Second World War. When he finally returned I was excited and a little shy of this man who had left when I was three. I did not understand war at that age, but later I bought war stamps at school, collected clothing for the War Drive