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Province’s water needs action not rhetoric

Province’s water needs action not rhetoric

Current water management practices disrespectful and disruptive to rural Manitobans

Deferral of essential water management infrastructure and management in recent years, combined with serious problems of climate change, is frustrating Manitoba’s economic growth and environmental health. Both objectives resonate with the public. Rhetoric about “fixing Lake Manitoba’s water levels,” and cleaning up Lake Winnipeg in terms of algae, sedimentation and erosion, highlights the problems but

Desperate Hydro expropriation tactics

The publicly owned utility appears bent on completing expropriations prior to the April 19 election

Recent expropriation tactics by Manitoba Hydro toward farmers show how desperate the current government is to complete Bipole III and prevent any reconsideration of alternatives after the election. In reality, there is no urgent need for the immediate expropriation. The use of RCMP teams as backup to access land yet to be negotiated is a

Considering Churchill’s future

With melting permafrost, is Churchill's rail line viable over the long term?

A sudden, substantial drop in grain exports from Churchill this summer raises questions about the long-term economic viability of the port. A comprehensive review is needed to identify costs, benefits and risks associated with saving the railway, along with alternative economic opportunities for a port community on Hudson Bay without rail access. Federal and provincial

Energy strategy could help rural Manitoba

Energy strategy could help rural Manitoba

Rather than being a solution to provide lower costs and prices, the Hydro monopoly has become a barrier to innovation

Manitoba’s energy strategy is inconsistent with current and future sustainable and renewable energy priorities. Overreliance on hydro-electric power from the Nelson River is no longer competitive, and is steadily increasing huge debts to be borne by future taxpayers/hydro customers. In particular, provincial policy and existing legislation does not encourage local rural solutions. A fresh review

New infrastructure spending should include rural Manitoba

New infrastructure spending should include rural Manitoba

Lake Manitoba control and on-farm water management and storage should be among the priorities

Manitoba has several major infrastructure issues that must be addressed soon. All relate to water, environment and economic needs, and are connected to climate change. The Government of Canada has promised a significant expenditure on infrastructure over the next three years. Manitoba will have to get in line for its share, and it will require

Assiniboine River Basin

Assiniboine River Basin Initiative a good first step

But 'there be dragons' to tame for it to be a success

Those who attended the meeting in Regina that established the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative deserve credit for their effort. Their determination to come up with a plan to address land and water issues within the basin should be welcomed by all, but the obstacles they face are many. The biggest by far is the poor

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Manitoba Hydro versus Manitoba farmers: billions at stake

Manitoba Hydro is in for a shock: farmers will not accept token compensation for reduced productivity from the operational impacts of Bipole III lines. A significant group of farmers is now working with the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowners Association (CAEPLA) to protect their rights and options. And, Hydro had best not forget