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Argentine Farmers On Strike

Argentine farmers halted sales of wheat, corn and soy on Monday as they went on strike over export curbs, rekindling a dispute that helped drive global grains prices to record highs three years ago. The seven-day protest could fuel supply concerns just as dry weather linked to the La Nińa weather pattern worsens the outlook

Smaller Herd Fuels Higher Beef Prices

Argentines ate more beef than ever last year as prices lagged other staples, but now a shortage of livestock is driving up steak prices and raising the spectre of tougher government controls in the market. In the rambling pens at Buenos Aires’ main cattle market, traders say the recent rise in prices was long overdue

Argentine Farmers Urge Action On Wheat Prices

Argentine farm leaders called on the government to guarantee higher prices for wheat farmers Jan. 12, warning growers could resume strikes and other protest measures if their demands are not met. Argentina, a leading global wheat exporter and Brazil’s key supplier of the grain, has restricted shipments in recent years to guarantee domestic supplies and

Argentina Ends Tax Breaks On Imported Soy

“Whenever an important market changes the rules it affects us.” – HUGO PASTORE Argentina has scrapped tax breaks on soybean imports to promote the use of Argentine beans in crushing plants, but industry analysts say the measure could aggravate tight supplies. Argentina, the world’s top supplier of soyoil and soymeal, is also the No. 3

Argentine Farmers Turn Away From Wheat

Parched soils, lack of credit and anger over government policy could lead Argentine farmers to plant less wheat this year when sowing begins next month in the key global exporter. Argentina’s last wheat harvest was the smallest since 1982 due to a harsh drought, compounding farmers’ reluctance to plant wheat after two years of government

South America’s meat packers battle sales slump

A downturn in beef orders is forcing meat packers in South American ranching countries to sell shipments off cheap and make workers take early holidays. Early this year, things looked rosy for beef exporters in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, but with Russian importers struggling to get credit and Europeans cutting down on expensive steaks, sales

Argentine beekeepers no longer in clover

“…any crop that is planted uniformly across large areas with the use of herbicides deprives bees of the flowers they need.” – Alicia Basilio, School of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires Beekeepers had it easy when cattle roamed freely across the flower-filled meadows of Argentina’s Pampas plains. But a boom in soy farming has changed