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Chute Key To Safety And Productivity For People And Animals

Agood, well-run chute plays a huge part in handling animals safely, reducing their stress and, more importantly, lowering the risk of injury or death for people working around the chute. Jennifer Woods has seen the good and the bad. The worst chutes I see are homebuilt or pieced together from parts of others, says Woods,

Your Well Needs Maintenance Too

It isn t only machinery and buildings that need regular maintenance, your water supply does, too. Un f o r t u n a t e l y, we l l s don t come with a manual and that s one reason why Alberta Agriculture water specialist Melissa Orr says drinking water may be

Checklist For New Wells — Water/Oil And Gas — Yours/ Theirs

Whether you need a new water well or an oil and gas company wants to drill nearby, it s vital that the aquifer and your well are protected from contamination and changes in rock formations. If you need a new well, make sure all quotes are from certified well drillers who understand the detailed information

Crop Advisers — Only You Know If You Need One

More complex decisions, more chemicals with tighter scheduling requirements, and more paperwork are driving many farmers to work with crop advisers. But at least one researcher isn’t convinced farmers need all the advice they are buying. “I think many farmers don’t really need an agronomist,” says Alberta Agriculture agronomy research scientist, Ross McKenzie. “You need