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China’s coronavirus testing chokes beef trade

Additional inspections, disinfections costly for importers

Beijing | Reuters — In a supermarket in downtown Beijing, refrigerator shelves normally filled with steak from around the world sit empty as tougher testing for the novel coronavirus creates supply bottlenecks and raises prices for importers. Fresh supplies of beef won’t arrive for days, a salesman at the Carrefour outlet told Reuters —

“China is going to import a lot more grains like barley, sorghum, and corn in the new marketing year, as the domestic (corn) prices would remain high.” – Xie Jinjiang.

China’s corn imports soar

At the same time its domestic pork supply is rebuilding

China imported more than one million tonnes of corn in September, customs data showed Oct. 23, bringing shipments for the first nine months of the year close to its annual low-tariff quota volume for the first time on record. The country has been purchasing large volumes of corn to ease the pressure from tight supplies

Canadian canola prices spike as shippers find back door to China

'Profits are extravagant... It is like gold oil now'

Winnipeg/Beijing | Reuters — Canadian canola prices have soared to the highest in nearly two years, despite a diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and Beijing, as exporters find roundabout ways to reach top oilseed buyer China. Chinese authorities have since March 2019 blocked canola shipments by two Canadian exporters, an action they took after Canadian police

Argentina nears China hog deal it hopes could turbocharge local pork production

Buenos Aires | Beijing | Reuters – Argentina is nearing an initial agreement with China that could pave for the way for potential investments by the Asian giant in local pork production for export, Argentina’s undersecretary of trade and investment promotion told Reuters. That could eventually lead to Chinese-backed hog farms in the South American

Workers and excavators are seen at a construction site of a new pig farm in Beijing’s eastern Pinggu district.

Cheek by jowl

China pork crisis spurs pig farms’ return to cities

Reuters – China is building industrial pig farms near its urban areas, reversing years of policies to relocate the livestock over waste concerns, as the government prioritizes food security over the environment after African swine fever decimated its herds. The world’s biggest pork consumer will add about 200 million pigs by constructing new farms around