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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has indicated on several occasions to the U.S. administration that Canada's supply management system won't be touched.

Comment: How we can avoid a devastating trade war with the U.S.

We need a smart, realistic strategy for negotiations, starting with our dairy supply management system

The importance of the North American Free Trade Agreement to Canada’s economy is staggering. Each day, $2.4 billion worth of goods and services cross the Canada/U.S. border. Some 78 per cent of Canada’s merchandise exports are destined for NAFTA partners. Now, the 23-year-old agreement is under severe threat from a hyper-protectionist American president. U.S.-Canada trade

Why Canada should avoid free trade with China

China and Canada appear to be considering a free trade deal. The basic principle of free trade is clear. Imagine two isolated neighbouring islands. One is green and fertile, capable of producing more food than it can consume. The other, while dry and barren, possesses natural resources needed to manufacture consumer goods. Farmers in the

Biofuels are mankind’s greatest blunder

Biofuels are mankind’s greatest blunder

Proponents of biofuels are simply refusing to count their true environmental cost

Are biofuels really greener than the fossil fuels they displace? In a recent column I pointed out that electric cars are only as green as the fuel used to generate the electricity they consume. For internal-combustion-powered vehicles, much of the focus has been on trying to reduce carbon emissions by adding ethanol to gasoline and