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VIDEO: CropPro Consulting wins Best New Product at Ag Days

System collects electrical conductivity data for variable rate seed, fertilizer program

Best New Product at Manitoba Ag Days was awarded to CropPro Consulting on Jan. 17, 2018, for SWAT MAPS and SWATBOX, its variable rate seed and fertilizer service. SWAT MAPS collects data based on soil, water, and topography data and SWATBOX collects soil electrical conductivity data while seeding or tilling. In this video, Derek Rude […] Read more

VIDEO: Soaring Eagle wins first place in Inventors’ Showcase at Ag Days

AgriLite Conveyor Trailers awarded 2nd place win for its fertilizer and seed tender trailer

Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment took first place in the Inventors’ Showcase on Jan. 17, 2018 at Manitoba Ag Days for its swinging drive-over that hooks up to a grain auger or conveyor. The device allows farmers to easily move from one hopper to the next for unloading in order to save time. AgriLite Conveyor Trailers […] Read more

VIDEO: Take the temperature of your grain in real-time

Dimo’s/Labtronics Wi-Fi grain probe demonstrated at Manitoba Ag Days

Once harvest is complete and your grain is in the bin, it’s essential that you keep a close eye on its temperature. But if you don’t have a temperature cable set up in your bin, it’s a bit of a gamble if you’re trying to avoid grade degradation or something disastrous such as a total […] Read more

VIDEO: Grain entrapment unit demonstrated at Ag Days

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association soon to have BEGRAINSAFE unit to call its own

Glen Blahey of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) talks about the BEGRAINSAFE unit that was on display and demonstrated to attendees at Ag Days. While the unit on this video is on loan from the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety in Iowa, CASA is building its own grain entrapment demo unit that it […] Read more

VIDEO: Ag Days Inventor’s Showcase winner

Arnold Innovations' AI100-Lexion hydraulic ratcheting wrench

Plugging your combine is one of those things you don’t want to see – but it happens – now there’s a hydraulic ratcheting wrench that can make the task of unplugging your Claas Lexion series combine much easier. Arnold Innovations’ returns to Manitoba Ag Days this year with a new wrench design, and for its efforts, it took home […] Read more

VIDEO: Threshermen on the threshold of a Guinness World Record

From the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Harvesting Hope: A World Record to Help the Hungry

With the help of a wooden Nichols & Shepard thresher and a 1912 Rumely tractor, Helmut Neufeld, Garth Crooks and their team of threshermen get ready to lend their efforts to break the Guinness World Record for the “most threshing machines operating simultaneously.” In this video, get an up-close look at each machine as the […] Read more

threshing in action in Austin, Manitoba

VIDEO: Harvesting hope and harnessing agricultural spirit

From the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, Harvesting Hope: A World Record to Help the Hungry

What does it take to put on the world’s largest pioneer harvest? According to Elliot Sims, one of the co-chairs and organizers of Harvesting Hope: A World Record to Help the Hungry, start with tens of thousands of man-hours, over 800 volunteers, nearly 150 machines and you’re on the right track. The range of antique […] Read more

VIDEO: Three things farmers should know about grain grading

For nearly two decades, Judy Elias has worked for the Canadian Grain Commission specializing in grain inspection. At the recent CropConnect conference in Winnipeg, she spoke about how producers can get a proper grain sample ready for grading and what options they have if a dispute occurs at the elevator over grain quality.

VIDEO: Keeping track of your “in-field” basis

Manitoba Ag Days 2016 Inventors' Showcase

Ever wanted to know half way through a season what your cost per acre is? Field Values keep track of your in-field basis to help give you an idea of how much of an investment you should – or shouldn’t – be making for your crop inputs. By entering a variety of data, Field Values […] Read more