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Is Canada’s agri-food system ready to compete in the future of good food?

Opinion: The future of good food

Canada’s agriculture and food system need to be able to compete in the sustainability realm

People are passionate about good food. While the definition of ‘good food’ has always been about taste, it has expanded over the last few decades to include nutritional quality. Now, growing concerns about the environment and climate change are prompting food manufacturers to expand the definition of ‘good food’ and market more products as ‘sustainable.’

Opinion: Pulses and the future of food

India’s decision to impose tariffs to support its farmers is creating dangerous uncertainty

The rest of the world is realizing what the pulse industry has known for decades: pulses are the future of food. Consumers and governments around the world now look to pulses as an important part of action plans to improve the global food system and address nutritional and environmental challenges. Increasing pulse consumption is critical

Comment: A path forward for pulses

Governments must be cautious about what signals they’re sending the market and aware of unintended consequences

India and Canada are the two global superpowers of the pulse world. India is the world’s largest producer and the largest consumer of pulses. Canada is the world’s largest exporter of pulses. India’s growing population, strong economic growth, and inevitable variability in production and harvest quality (weather dependent) all point towards the need for a

Two simple spray tips can make or break Canadian crops

Before spraying your in-crop application, ‘keep it clean’ with these best practices

Farmers have a lot on their plates as they head into the spraying season. The Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada and Pulse Canada are reminding growers of best practices that can have a major impact on marketing grain. Proper pesticide use is a critical factor in growing export-quality grain. As a world leader in