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Glen Nicoll’s Manitoba Roundup – for Apr. 23, 2009

Although persistent dry conditions in the southwest corner of the province had cut back hay supplies last summer, that doesn’t seem to be the reason for an extraordinary flow of cows to the auction rings, says Heartland Virden manager Jim McArthur. He said the area’s cow herd reduction in the last year was larger than

Parks Canada Proceeds With Selected Elk Cull

“Their commitment to start removing animals is really positive.” – RAY ARMBRUSTER, CHAIR OF MCPA ANIMAL HEALTH COMMITTEE. Parks Canada has begun the removal of an increased number of suspect elk and deer from an area of Riding Mountain National Park that has had the highest TB infection rates. “TB Alley” along the Birdtail River

Cover Crops Go Beyond Nitrogen

Like spending money to make money, some North Dakota grain producers are using soil nutrients to grow a soil-building cover crop. They have found seeding a diverse plant community or “cocktail” as a cover crop can do much more than put nitrogen into the soil. At a soil health workshop in Plumas sponsored by Mani

Farmer Vision Gets A Digital Upgrade

– CRTC “If you use an antenna to receive over-the-air signals on a TV set with only an analog tuner, you’ll need a digital-to-analog converter box.” Rural residents who rely on “Farmer Vision,” the three or four television signals that are available without subscribing to cable or satellite, will see changes to how they receive

Wolves get around

For every one they have confirmed there are probably two that they haven’t found or confirmed.” – RAY ARMBRUSTER CHAIR MCPA ANIMAL HEALTH COMMITTEE One of the 17 wolves trapped at the Sylvandale pasture north of Fisher Branch in early fall was a female that had travelled 600 kilometres north from central Minnesota. She was

Travelling the research road together

I’ve always been a supporter of the annual Terry Fox Foundation run in support of cancer research. It was one way I could honour the friends and neighbours that suffered and ultimately succumbed to the disease. By participating in the run, I was able to tap the shoulders of friends and neighbours to support research