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End of NAFTA wouldn’t be ‘end of world’: Mexican political adviser

A key adviser to a front-running leftist presidential candidate is touting other viable trade options for the nation

The collapse of NAFTA would not be a disaster for Mexico, the top foreign policy adviser to leftist presidential election front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, adding that Mexico should depend less on the United States and not interfere with regional neighbours. Veteran diplomat Hector Vasconcelos echoed Lopez Obrador’s position that Mexico should suspend talks

Traffic between Delhi and Agra. (

India’s Modi battles opposition to key land reform

New Delhi | Reuters — India’s opposition parties boycotted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest attempt to build consensus around a business-friendly land bill Wednesday, boding badly for his ambitious agenda of economic reform in a parliament session that starts next week. Almost half of India’s 31 chief ministers spurned Modi’s invitation to meet him in

India launches major cheap-food plan

The Indian government launched a US$22 billion welfare scheme on Wednesday to give cheap food to hundreds of millions of people, a centrepiece of the ruling Congress party’s plan to win a third term in elections due by May 2014. The minority government sidestepped India’s unruly parliament and resorted to an executive order to implement

Food, Farms The New Target For Venezuela’s Chavez

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has put food and farms at the centre of his socialist revolution, tightening the government’s grip on supplies of staples in a strategy that risks sparking social unrest. Chavez nationalized a local unit of U. S. food giant Cargill on March 5 and threatened to take over the South American country’s