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White House still weighing U.S. biofuels program change

Washington | Reuters — The Trump administration is reviewing the possibility of a key change to U.S. biofuels policy requested by oil refiners and Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor and special advisor on regulations to President Donald Trump, a White House official said Monday. The administration has no position “either way on this issue at

Iran buys U.S. wheat despite nuclear tensions

Iran has made a rare purchase of U.S. wheat in an effort to build food stockpiles as the United States and Europe implement tough new sanctions to contain Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. The U.S. Agriculture Department reported on Thursday that Iran bought 120,000 tonnes of U.S. wheat — enough to fill two large cargo ships. While

New Diet Guidelines Say Eat More Fruit, Less Salt

Americans need to cut salt and fat and eat more fruits and vegetables, the Obama administration said in its latest set of dietary guidelines released Jan. 31. The new dietary guidelines also advise cutting out sugary drinks and drinking water instead, and eating less overall. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack released the guidelines, saying Americans

New Method Yields More Rice With Less Water

Rice farmers could boost their yields by 50 per cent with a new method that uses less water, Oxfam America said Oct. 20 as climate change and drought threaten the staple crop. Growing rice – considered the major calorie source for about half the world’s population – is water intensive, accounting for as much as