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This One’s For You Dad

All spring, even before the last of the snowbanks finally disappeared, a meadowlark has frequently been on a fence post close to my back door. Not too significant, perhaps, but meadowlarks have always reminded me of my dad. He loved to hear them in the springtime and would stop when we were out walking in

Celebrate Your Age

Now, where in the world did those keys go… I know I had them in my hand a minute ago, before I answered the phone,” or… “OK, here I am upstairs, now what was I going to do when I got here?” If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Everyone has their moments of wondering

Not Looking Forward To Christmas?

Almost all my friends and I have reasons to dislike, or even dread the coming of Christmas. Oh, I go through the motions – I shop, I clean, I cook – because it’s expected (isn’t that what grandmas do?) I make piles of gingerbread men, squares of shortbreads, and sugar-cookie Christmas trees. And I decorate

One More Recycling Idea

We all know about the benefits of reusable shopping bags, using refillable water bottles and using washable plastic containers for lunches rather than throw-away sandwich bags. At craft fairs I’ve even seen beautiful jewelry items and wind chimes made from old sterling silver cutlery. Good ideas, all of them. Garage sales are another great way

Signs Of Spring

If you know a Prairie winter Then you know the cold and snow And you know how we would watch for spring With the signs we came to know We’d be off to school bundled up The mornings were still cold But by afternoon the warm spring sun Would make those who were bold Enough