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Beef 911: On-farm semen collection is a valuable tool

With a valuable bull, on-farm collection becomes like an insurance plan preserving his genetics for the future

This is the time of year when either your own hot breeding prospects or ones for sale are coming to the forefront. A good insurance plan is collecting semen on these hot new or proven prospects, especially when you incorporate artificial insemination into your program. This article will review some of the finer points of

Summer is the time to keep an eye out for water deprivation

Beef 911

Water is the most essential nutrient of life and even though most areas have more than enough this year, it’s still a good time to talk about water deprivation. We need to focus on the preventive and what to watch for should water deprivation become a problem. Many articles have been written about water quality

Common pitfalls of semen evaluation

In the past 31 years of semen evaluating bulls, I have come across many tricks of the trade to make this procedure run very smoothly. Every situation is different and every set of bulls somewhat unique so most of these points involve common-sense and casual observations I have made over the years. A common dilemma