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Fall is the time when you can see what’s survived your crop season’s control efforts.

Fall management key to weed resistance

It’s in the fall you see what worked and what you can change up for next year

When it comes to weed control, fall is often one of your best windows to find out how it’s going and what issues are on the horizon. Tammy Jones, Manitoba Agriculture weed specialist, says the fall season offers a planning window for next year and lets farmers evaluate what went right or wrong this season.

The historic dome building on the Keystone Centre grounds will be the site of a fundraiser for Agriculture in the Classroom — Manitoba.

Manitoba Social to raise advocacy funds

Ag in the Classroom will benefit from the first-ever event at the historic dome building

In the spirit of going a step further to promote agriculture advocacy, this year Ag Days is throwing a fundraising social for one of the province’s most important agriculture education groups. The first-ever Manitoba Social will take place January 23 at 8 p.m. in the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba’s historic dome building with all funds

Farm safety will be front and centre at this year’s edition of Ag Days. Richard Paetzold (left), Garth McIntyre and Glen Blahey, (right) demonstrating how a rescue would occur in the event of a grain entrapment.

Farm safety focus grows at Manitoba Ag Days

The entire sector is taking this issue more seriously than ever before

The agriculture sector has a new-found focus on building a safety culture and Ag Days is committed to fostering this positive development. “The Farm Safety feature is growing again with 13 entries this year,” said Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days general manager. “These prod­ucts are showcased throughout the show with specially designed farm safety feature

Ag Days shares with Manitoba’s agriculture community

The Ag Days Gives Back program has returned more than $300,000 to community groups in the past several years

Manitobans love a good 50/50 draw, and Ag Days participants are no exception. In 2018 the winner took home $11,250 for the price of a $10 ticket. But the big winner wasn’t the lucky ticket holder, it was the community groups that benefited from the Ag Days Gives Back community giving program which was the

The 2018 best new product at Ag Days was CropPro Consulting’s variable-rate seed and fertilizer prescription service for western Canadian farmers.

Keep an eye out for new products

There are new innovations sprinkled throughout the 2019 show

Patrons taking in the many agriculture displays and booths at Manitoba Ag Days should keep an eye out for new products throughout all the display areas of the Keystone Centre. “The Manitoba Ag Days New Product competition has 19 entries with everything from new genetics to new fertilizers to new concaves,” said Andrea Guthrie, Manitoba

The 2018 Inventors’ Showcase winner was Arnold Innovations with its combine cylinder reverser.

Inventors’ Showcase is innovation in action

Farmers and others in the sector are always trying to build a better mousetrap

It’s going to be the annual round of ‘How did they think of that?’ during this year’s Inventors’ Showcase at Manitoba Ag Days. “The Inventors’ Showcase features 14 new inventions with everything from drop pans to robotics to safety harnesses,” said Andrea Guthrie, Manitoba Ag Days media co-ordinator. “The Inventors’ Showcase is located in Barn

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any show 
like Ag Days.

Ag Days fuelled by volunteers

The ‘all about ag’ focus of the show has translated into a lot of support

An event as large and as well regarded as Mani­toba Ag Days needs the support of many people behind the scenes to make it as special as can be. In the case of 2019 Manitoba Ag Days, a 100 per cent commitment to a 100 per cent agricultural show goes a long way with volunteers

Speaker lineup underlines advocacy pitch

More than 60 presenters educate, entertain and inspire at this year’s event

If your show’s theme is to tell the world about agriculture, it sure doesn’t hurt to assemble 60 world-class speakers to help get the agriculture message across, which is exactly what Manitoba Ag Days has done. “It takes a lot of time, preparation and planning to bring in a speaker lineup like we have for

The crowds that flock to Ag Days every year could be a powerful voice advocating for agriculture, show organizers say.

Ag Days organizers urge farmers to speak up

Only the people of the industry can tell their own story

The organizers of Manitoba’s Ag Days are throwing down the gauntlet to the thousands who will be attending the show this year — it’s time for them to start telling their own stories. While recently unveiling yet another ‘bigger than ever’ 42nd annual show, with more than 550 exhibitors, to run Jan. 22 to 24

Kristell Harper, MBFI research co-ordinator, agriculture students Andrea Hamilton and Mikayla Rouire and MBFI chair Ramona Blyth at a recent event at the University of Manitoba showcasing student work with the organization.

Getting schooled in agriculture

With more students coming from non-farm backgrounds the 
University of Manitoba is pumping up its ‘experiential learning’ efforts

Growing up in Winnipeg, Antonio Deluca didn’t have much exposure to the farm. These days however, he’s enrolled in the agriculture diploma program at the University of Manitoba, one of an increasing number of non-traditional students pulled into the program by the promise of interesting work and strong employment opportunities. He recently got a hands-on