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Andrea Maendel shows a snowflake table runner while Anna Maendel 
looks on.

Fairholme Colony hosts quilting retreat

One-day event produces many different projects displayed at the show-and-tell

On an overcast morning last autumn, several dozen women from area towns — toting sewing machines and bags of quilting fabric — arrived at Fairholme Colony School and assembled in both upper classrooms for a day of quilting hosted by the three Fairholme members of the St. Claude Quilters Guild, “The Material Girls,” Serena, Andrea

Anna Maendel (l) explaining the quilt project to Barb Pantel.

Quilts warm hearts of L’Arche Homes residents

Customized quilts given out at special celebration with quilter Anna Maendel present

The residents of Winnipeg’s seven L’Arche Homes gathered at Dayspring House in late summer to participate in a unique celebration: each of the men and women was presented with a customized quilt made with fabric featuring personal preferences — animals, hobbies, interests and colours. Before the quilts were presented four new assistants were welcomed —

A group of Hutterite women returns from the fields at sunset.

A long and interesting history for Hutterites in Manitoba

Few realize the challenges faced by early Anabaptist groups like Hutterites 
and Mennonites which brought them to North America

The late Selma Maendel was recently the first Hutterite inducted into the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame for her many long-standing contributions to agriculture in the province. Among other things she was a popular columnist for this publication, developed the Field History Manager software to computerize field record-keeping and worked with the medical industry to

Colony Women Sew For A Cause

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