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Cutaway of Plant and Roots in Dirt

Healthy soils mean a sustainable future

Causes, consequences of and solutions to soil erosion are always connected

Healthy societies and healthy economies are the product of healthy soil. Healthy soil produces abundant inexpensive food in a sustainable and reliable way. This requires soil care on the part of land managers and courage on the part of policy-makers who oversee soil protection. Scientists who understand soil formation tell us the only sustainable way

topsoil drift in a Manitoba ditch

Soil care: Will we make the right choices?

When net effects are considered, tillage can never be justified

2015 is International Year of the Soil, and from April 19-25, National Soil Conservation Week brings focus to soil care in Canada. We need to consider our record through the ages as we implement soil protection now. Through the past 10,000 years, history records the successive rise and failure of great civilizations and powerful nations.