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Going down: the true farm income picture

Farmers have seen their wealth creation scooped up by others for decades

Farm income up in 2019” was the front-page headline in the June 4 Co-operator. Though superficially true, a closer look at the numbers demonstrates the opposite, and reveals a troubling picture. How we measure and report farm income matters. Net cash income, the measure used in the June 4 story, omits depreciation — the value

The case for a carbon tax (and refund system)

Only with a well-structured refund mechanism will a carbon tax be fair to farmers

Carbon taxes are controversial. Especially contentious is the question of whether such taxes should be applied to farmers. Before farmers make up their minds about carbon taxes, it’s important that they encounter a clear explanation of how a well-structured agricultural carbon tax could work, and how such a tax could help increase net farm incomes.