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Showing horses a family affair

Lone Oak Percherons of Birtle known throughout the world

A love of horses runs deep at Lone Oak Percherons of Birtle. Just how deep? Three generations, to be exact. Jim and Darlene Lane got things started as pregnant mare urine (PMU) producers over 30 years ago, which presented them with a great opportunity to breed and raise their own stock. Since those early days, […] Read more

Winter calving season has come to an end

Cattle producers must face cold weather extremes to see healthy calves

Success for a cow-calf producer is related to the ability of the producer to wean one healthy calf per cow each year; a set of twins is additional dollars in the bank. When that calving season is done varies, but the objective of any operation is to try to keep the calving interval as short […] Read more

Russell veterinarian also a practising farrier

Dr. Cindy Lukianchuk has passion for podiatry in the horse world from a multi-model approach

Problem solving and hard work is how Dr. Cindy Lukianchuk, a veterinarian at the Russell & District Veterinary Clinic, sums up what travelling to farms raising cattle, bison or horses within the Parkland region means to her. The 2015 graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine began searching for a job while attending farrier […] Read more

Strathclair class digs deep into provincial history

Student projects encourage personal study rather than just memorizing facts

Many young people no longer know a world where there was an alternative to the internet when doing a school project, such as going to the local library or picking up an encyclopedia. Although teaching is different than it used to be, schools continue to implement change in finding ways to arm students with the […] Read more

Thrift store continues to give back to community

Value Shoppe has donated over $115,000 to Birtle and surrounding area since 2005

With donated merchandise offered for sale for only a few dollars, the Value Shoppe in Birtle has given back over $115,000 to the community since its inception over a decade ago. Introduced in January 2005, the non-profit thrift shop moved to its present location on Main Street nine years later as it needed a larger […] Read more

Bidding farewell to the grain industry

Brian McMullan retires after being a part of it for 40-plus years

Hard work, dusty quarters, and small truckloads of grain have given way to much quicker means of moving large volumes of product from the bin to the port in recent years. And for over four decades, Brian McMullan of Shoal Lake has been a part of it all. But after 40-plus years, McMullan retired from […] Read more

Decker Colony celebrates after overcoming challenges

Friends and neighbours once again met together with colony for annual get-together

Decker Colony’s annual holiday get-together in December 2018 had special meaning and was a time of thanks for the Hutterite community for hardships overcome. In May of 2017 fire destroyed two-thirds of its large equipment shed and a number of vehicles within it. The building not only served as a main cog in the farming […] Read more

Newdale restaurant owner shows appreciation with food

For three years Sharon Keene has put on a customer appreciation dinner

Appreciation can be expressed in many ways, but Sharon Keene of Newdale prefers to say thank you with food. And there was no better time for the owner of the Newdale Family Diner to thank her customers than during the Christmas season, as she did in 2018. For the past three years, Keene has treated […] Read more

Home for the holidays

For this couple, Christmas is all about family togetherness and fun

Stepping into the home of Erny and Bev Hladun is like stepping into Christmas itself. Evergreen garlands trimmed with red bows grace every possible space, and the smell of Christmas baking is in the air. In front of the living room stands a Christmas tree covered in an eclectic mix of decorations collected throughout the […] Read more

Kids plus horses — a winning combination

Harding Horse Club to become part of 4-H Manitoba program

With horses being social creatures just like humans, companionship is only one benefit that youth have experienced through involvement of first, a riding club, and secondly, the Harding 4-H Horse Club. For the Harding area it’s the first 4-H club of its kind, even though horses have been highlighted at Harding’s summer fair over the […] Read more