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Latin American nations say their beef sector shouldn’t bear the responsibility for cleaning up the messes of others.

Latin America to defend beef production at UN food summit

Region fears their agricultural products will be scapegoated by more powerful blocs

Reuters – Latin American and Caribbean countries, especially big food producers in South America, will join forces to defend the region’s livestock production at a United Nations’ food summit this month amid concerns over the sector’s environmental impact. Paraguay’s farming and livestock minister, Santiago Bertoni, said in a video conference that the main focus was

Five bodies found in fertilizer shipment from Serbia to Paraguay

Reuters – Paraguayan authorities said Oct. 23 they had found at least five badly decomposed bodies inside a shipment of fertilizer that left Serbia three months ago. The container arrived via Argentina at a river port on the outskirts of the Paraguayan capital Asuncion. The bodies were discovered when the managers of the company that