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Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture and permaculture pioneer, has created a permaculture design plan for Prairie Heritage Farm north of Gimli.

Restoration Agriculture project moving forward

Gimli-area farmers to host permaculture expert Sepp Holzer in May

The design is in, dozens of species of fruit- and nut-bearing trees have been ordered, and now the owners of Prairie Heritage Farm north of Gimli are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the spring planting season. Last fall, Kirsten Benot and her husband Daniel hosted a three-day workshop featuring perma-culture pioneer Mark Shepard. Along with

Roundup Ready alfalfa’s release delayed another year

Forage Genetics International is planning on-farm hay trials in Eastern Canada

Forage Genetics International (FGI) has decided to hold off on commercial sales of its herbicide-tolerant genetically modified (GM) alfalfa this spring, but it will conduct on-farm trials in Eastern Canada. “FGI will not be having any spring of 2014 sales. But what we’re doing this spring is putting in a small number of on-farm evaluation

Delivery delays threaten future sales prospects for organic grains.

Strong outlook for organic grain prices, panel says

Imports are keeping processor margins away from the brink, says panel

While conventional farmers fume about rail delays and falling prices, the organic sector is worried that supply shortages and sky-high prices may derail future growth. “I think most people know that in the market today, demand outstrips supply and that’s why we have the prices that we do,” said Ken Sabatier, a buyer for Grower’s

A school bus crosses one of three rail crossings in Souris.

Souris mayor fears faster crude shipments could put residents at risk

Crude from Williston Basin implicated in massive infernos in Quebec and North Dakota

Souris might be about the only place in Western Canada this winter that is worried about trains moving too fast. CP Rail’s plan to increase the speed limit of trains rolling through the southwestern Manitoba community has the town’s mayor worried that it might also increase the risk of a tragedy. Darryl Jackson said CP

Ohio-based corn planter expert Bill Lemkuhl explains the pitfalls of poor planter adjustment at the second annual DuPont Pioneer Corn Planter Clinic.

Planter adjustment key to getting corn off to a good start

Mother Nature can’t fix mistakes made by a poorly adjusted planter

There are few things more pleasing to the eye than perfectly spaced corn seedlings emerging in neat rows from rich black soil. But whether you’re a home gardener or a farmer with thousands of acres, the sight of missed spots and doubles crowded together leaves you with that aggravating, sinking feeling that your chances for

“I see this as an incredibly urgent situation that we need to address before we have another virus here,” Dr. Doug 

Manitoba’s hog industry holding the line against PED

Discovery of Delta coronavirus at six Ontario sites shows a ‘portal’ is letting in new diseases, says vet

Biosecurity measures undertaken by all sectors of the hog industry have managed to hold the line against the highly contagious porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, (PEDv). Manitoba has experienced just one infected premise in Manitoba and two positive swabs at high hog traffic areas, said Karl Kynoch, chair of the Manitoba Pork Council. “That’s hugely positive

Clinton Jurke, an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada, shows infected clubroot-infected canola seedlings at CanoLAB 2014.

Clubroot not so scary anymore, says CCC agronomist

Better scouting and earlier detection are key to avoiding an ugly, Alberta-style epidemic in Manitoba

Clubroot isn’t as scary as it used to be. At the CanoLAB event a couple years ago, there was only one example of an infected root — and it was securely encased in a kind of translucent hockey puck. But this year, there were trays of clubroot-infected canola seedlings set out on tables that could

Research plots at the co-op’s research farm near Minto.

Feed grain co-op’s new variety WFT 603 crosses registration hurdle

WFGDC marks a milestone in its goal of offering a lower-risk feed grain alternative to corn

There’s a new wheat in town, and it wasn’t developed by any of the usual suspects. WFT 603, a general purpose wheat variety from the Western Feed Grain Development Co-op Ltd. (WFGD Co-op), recently crossed the regulatory hurdles for registration and will be distributed to members by next spring. “Our seed will be competitive with

It can’t hurt a fly, but Swede midge larvae can unleash an orgy of destruction throughout the 
canola growing season.

Swede midge threat looms over Manitoba canola crops

A deceptively tiny bug can wreak non-stop havoc in canola

If you thought clubroot was scary, get ready for Swede midge — a voracious mosquito-like bug that can wreak havoc with your canola yields. First found in North America in 2000, and has appeared in low numbers in Manitoba in 2007 and 2013, said Julie Soroka, a Saskatoon-based entomologist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. “The

CFIA finds feed failed to infect pigs

Vet working with Ontario’s infected herds says agencies 
reporting of test results ‘confuses the facts’

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says testing has been unable to confirm a link between pig feed containing blood plasma and an outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) in Eastern Canada. But an Ontario vet on the front lines of that province’s outbreak says a common source of feed is the only thing linking the