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CWB producer contracts change

CWB is advising Prairie farmers that important changes have been made to CWB permit and contract processes for the 2012-13 crop year. These changes have been made to streamline CWB processes for the new marketing environment and align with new IT system requirements. Landlords and interested parties who share in a producer’s returns can no

CWB Ballots Must Be Postmarked By Aug. 24

Farmers who have not yet received a ballot on the future of the CWB must apply for a ballot by August 8 if they wish to vote. “Voting packages were mailed two weeks ago, and should be in farmer mailboxes by now,” said plebiscite co-ordinator Ian Craven of MNP, a chartered accounting and business advisory

Cwb Announces Grain Handlers Of The Year For 2010

The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) has awarded four grain-handling facilities with its “Grain Handler of the Year” designation, recognizing excellence in the grain companies that serve farmers. “Acknowledging our grain industry partners’ expertise, high performance and commitment is at the core of this awards program,” said Ian White, CWB president and CEO. “We all work

Cwb Recognizes Superior Service In Grain Handling

The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) has introduced “Grain Handler of the Year” awards to recognize excellence in Canada’s grain-handling industry. Four facilities were recognized in the first annual awards. In addition to commemorating service excellence, the recognition program was created to encourage high performance and innovation in the system that moves Prairie farmers’ grain from

Uncashed Producer Cheques Finance Research

Research to develop a natural food preservative, derived from cereal grains, is one of five projects supported by wes tern Canadian farmers through the 2009 CWB postgraduate awards program. If successful, the research could create an important new value-added market for Prairie wheat and barley, which would be used to produce a mould-fighting preservative. Scientists

Midge Tracker Maps Available

Farmers can track the emergence of wheat midge daily in their area by using an innovative online map provided by the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). The maps are now being regularly posted on the CWB website. During the peak of the pest threat, new maps and commentary by CWB agronomist Mike Grenier will be posted