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Bob Brad, (centre, holding Volunteer Service Award plaque) is part of the dedicated Woodlands Hall board committee including 
Heather Anderson (back row, l-r), Linda Proctor, Barry Proctor, Margaret Anderson, Howard Proctor, Ray Blowers, Tammy Blowers, and Bob Carter, Lisa Lillies (front row, l-r), Bob Brad, Lorelee Proctor, Cindy Procter, and Claudette Carter. Other committee members missing from the photo are Janice Brad and Wendy Proctor.

Keys to the hall hold secret to vibrant community

Serving on the hall board has become a family tradition in these parts

It’s where newlyweds dance, long-marrieds celebrate anniversaries, and countless gifts have been opened at bridal and baby showers. It’s where families have reunited and mourners have paid their final respects. Don’t even try to figure out how much beer has been served at all the socials. Now, on the eve of reaching a milestone of