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Biotech Corn, Soy Does Little To Boost Yield

Despite industry claims of higher yields from biotech corn and soybeans, much of the increase can be tied to other improvements in agriculture, according to a study released April 14. The Union of Concerned Scientists said its review found genetically engineered herbicide-tolerant soybeans and corn did not increase yields compared with conventional methods. Still, farmers

Grocer Calls For Heightened Food Inspections

The U. S. Agriculture Department should expand its risk-based inspection system to focus on products neglected by the Food and Drug Administration to help stop a rash of massive food recalls, an official from a U. S. grocery chain said on April 2. The U. S. food supply system is under fire after a series

Antibiotic Ban On Livestock May Hurt U. S. Food Safety

A bill that would ban the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animals would hurt the health of livestock and poultry while compromising efforts to protect the safety of the country’s food supply, the leader of the largest U. S. farm group said March 24. Bob Stallman, president of the six-million-member American Farm Bureau Federation, said

Bill Would Ban Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics

Despite growing public support to ban the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in food animals, a U. S. representative says efforts to move legislation through Congress this year could be met with resistance. The bill, introduced in the House of Representatives by Louise Slaughter and in the Senate by Edward Kennedy March 17, would ban the

U. S. Finalizes Ban On Cattle Too Sick To Walk

Cattle too sick or injured to walk will no longer be allowed to enter U. S. slaughterhouses, the Agriculture Department said in a rule finalized March 14, nearly a year after the largest meat recall in American history spurred the change. The USDA proposed a total ban on all “downer” cattle from being slaughtered in

Trade Group Asks EPA For Higher Ethanol Blend Rate

An ethanol trade group submitted a formal request to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency March 6 to boost the allowed ethanol-to-gasoline blend rate as high as 15 per cent from the current cap of 10 per cent. The higher blend rate would create a bigger market for ethanol, spurring production of the alternative fuel

Subsidy Debate Weighs Farmers Versus Children

U. S. lawmakers will need to choose between supporting rich farmers or feeding more hungry children amid a slumping economy and surging deficit, U. S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said March 2. Vilsack said he already has heard some questions and concerns about the Obama administration’s plan to redirect subsidy payments for large farmers into

Small farms seen spurring U. S. farm growth

There are nearly 76,000 more U. S. farms than a few years ago but new operations tend to be smaller, more diversified and have lower sales than the average farm, according to Agriculture Department data released on Feb. 4. A USDA census taken every five years found four per cent more farms in 2007 than